4 Tips for Eating Attentively and Managing Food Portions

The United States and North America are blessed with an abundance of food, and much of our culture revolves around eating in quantities many people in the world are unaccustomed to. The simple fact is that many people in America get out of their dining room chair or living room armchair stuffed to the gills. However, change is entirely possible by way of eating attentively and managing your food portions. Let’s take a look at 4 tips for managing your food intake.

Maintain your focus.

Far too often we are easily distracted by technology and our day-to-day tasks while taking our meals. Television, smartphones, computers, and even eating while on the move causes us to lose our focus. Turn it all off and note the delightfulness set before you as you eat, the vibrant colors, the texture, flavors and the odors emanating from your food. Consume, pay attention to the way in which it makes its way to your stomach. Slow down and begin to take note of the fullness in your belly.
As you leisurely eat your food and appreciate each and every bite, you will find yourself experiencing a physical fullness that totally placates your hunger. Your taste buds may long for more, but you can learn to control the desires of your taste buds by recognizing your fullness and skipping the extra dessert or greatly reducing it.

Skip shopping while hungry.

When you shop while hungry you have a tendency to buy things you do not really need. Snack food piles in your cart and you wind up eating more unhealthy than normal. Your eyes are tempted by colorful packaging and sales gimmicks. Be aware of this and avoid temptations by eating your regular meal before venturing out.
Split a dish.
Aside from saving money, sharing a meal at home or in a restaurant is fun. It provides you with an opportunity to bond, describe to one another the taste and the experience and the appreciation of food not previously eaten. If you happen to be dining out with friends or family, order one portion less and do not be afraid to share. Typically there is always food left over, and if there still is by limiting your portions, you can always take it home.

Don’t stuff yourself.

We have a habit of eating until we are stuffed. This is not beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Shoot for 75% full. Mix in plenty of fruits and vegetables to diminish calories.

When all is said and done, there are numerous paybacks from eating attentively and managing your food portions. You’ll feel much feeling better after eating, sow the reward of long-term health, control your weight, and save precious dollars, all by consuming less food and conceivably live longer.