Recognizing Your Diet Enemies

Thinking of going on diet soon? Afraid to fail at another attempt to lose weight? You’re not alone. The approach of summer or losing weight before or after big holidays are popular times to diet. But can you stick to a diet? Yes you can!

New research reveals that one out of every four people go off their diet for a reason you may not have considered: your other half. A survey examined the reasons why 2,000 people either succeeded or failed their diets.

Sure, there are always valid reasons to go off a diet, such as healthy food being too expensive for one’s allotted budget. But there are also illegitimate reasons. The survey found that nearly 25 percent of participants responded that their partner had tempted them with irresistible treats. Divorce? Nope. Temptations abound so it is up to you to make the right choices if you truly want to dispense of those unwanted pounds.

What are the usual culprits that tempt us?

Topping the list of goodies a respondent could not resist was pizza. But pizza is healthy! Um, not so much when it comes to weight gain.

Ice cream followed after pizza, with chips, cookies and chocolate rounding out the top 5 snacks, while cake, hamburgers, candy and cheese fell in close behind.

Subsequent to going off a diet, people typically confess to expressing disappointment in themselves. Emotions can run the gamut but are usually expressed by frustration, distress, annoyance and being irritated. Accordingly, about 40 percent in the survey became dejected because their clothes no longer looked good on them or they simply did not fit.

So what is a sincere would-be dieter to do?

Planning ahead is wise because contributing dieting factors include the proper amount of sleep, maintaining hydration, and getting in some exercise.

Unfortunately, most of us are sleeping less, and on average experts say 6 hours is the average in our busy worlds. According to the survey, one-third of participants admitted to a lack of exercise in their daily routine. Finally, a little over 25 percent of respondents were not aware of how much water they should drink per day.

You don’t have to fail your diet.

Be aware of those times when family and friends gather and be on guard for temptations in advance. Additionally when dieting, ensure that you make exercise a part of your routine, increase your sleep pattern by adjusting your schedule and developing a habit, and make sure you consume plenty of water. Together, these efforts will pay off big. Consider each of the above 4 elements of dieting like a 4 wheels on a car. If you eliminate even a single tire, your diet can get out of whack and not go anywhere.

Regrettably, after going off a diet, 40 percent of participants in the survey admitted that they did not have the enthusiasm to engage in a healthy regime.

Push on, you can do this!