The Healthy Lowdown on Dandelions

“Honey, those weeds have grown back in the yard. Would you mind mowing them down?” This is the common refrain from most people across the nation when they observe the pretty yellow flower blooming in their yards. But dandelions aren’t just for kids who blow the flower into the winds!

To Mow or Not to Mow?

What if your spouse said no? He or she would likely be right considering all the healthy benefits of the much misaligned plant. Dandelions are not just weeds. Sure, they may seem unsightly in a well-manicured lawn, but depending on your needs, the dandelion plant has many great paybacks.

The Universal Dandelion

It’s quite possible you have inadvertently chopped down the dandelion wherever you happen to reside. This is because the plant may be found pretty much anywhere you look: along roadsides, in sidewalk cracks, and abandoned lots. Many people think that the dandelion is a weed because of where it grows. Don’t rush to judgment.

Helpful uses of the Dandelion

Did you know that the leaves of the plant are often used in fresh salads? And the roots are also used to make a cup of hot refreshment as an alternate to your morning Joe. Of course, it should go without saying (but it must be said) that you should ensure the plant has not been attacked with a poisonous herbicide. Frightened? If you are unsure, you can also purchase dandelion greens from your local market or nearby health food store. The same venues also usually stock dandelion tea, a healthy brew that remedies common indigestion.

Health Benefits of the Dandelion

So what can you gain from consuming the plant? First of all, the leaves are recognized to restore and protect your liver, but the homeopathic properties of the dandelion root also possesses potent systemic outcomes. In fact, studies have demonstrated like high cholesterol and triglycerides, obesity, different types of cancers, simple everyday infections, stress from oxidants, and, as mentioned, indigestion.

Dandelion Home Remedies

Here are some great ways the dandelion can help heal your body and mind:
Cancers help from the root


Breast (entire plant, really)


Prostrate (entire plant)

Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia

Other root help

Liver injury that is alcohol/drug-induced

Minor infections

Help from the leaves




Think again

Before you consider “weeding” out the lovely dandelion, consider how it can increase your overall well-being. Save that mower gas and save money by using the leaves and root of the dandelion to help heal yourself. You’ll marvel at its medicinal benefits!